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Automotive Factory Paint Durability Analysis

Assessing vehicles' paint issues as either a Design, Environmental or Factory Defect

Obtaining Cash Payouts in the Thousands for Consumers on Paint Defect Issues
Automotive Paints are designed to last 15 years according to auto industry standards. The design standard for corrosion not appearing on the exterior body ranges from 10 to 15 years. Our firm has assisted consumers without an attorney obtain cash payouts on vehicles up to 15 years old on these "causes of action": Consumer Fraud, False Advertising, Product Liability & Deceptive Trade Practices.

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Defect Identification

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Cash Payouts


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Consumer Exposé


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About Zestar Corporation

Zestar Corporation is an engineering firm that specializes in automotive paint durability analysis. Since 1994, our firm has provided automakers the technology for assessing paint durability on millions of vehicles. Our technology was launched in over 30 assembly plants in five countries in three different languages. In 2009, our research discovered that a business model adapted by the auto industry has resulted in 27 million vehicles being released to the market with defective paint finishes. This research was published in a Consumer Exposé. The Exposé was reviewed internationally by the auto industry and domestically by Consumer Finance and Ethics organizations. The Exposé can be found in such cities as Beijing, Brisbane, Detroit, Frankfort and London. It is also registered with the Library of Congress. The Exposé was featured in national and international media investigations. Commencing 2010, we have provided Expert Opinions and Expert Affidavits to consumers with paint issues throughout the United States and Canada. Cash Payouts in the Thousands of Dollars on vehicles up to 15 years old have been obtained. Our latest research indicates 40 million vehicles have been impacted by another policy decision.

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